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The working visit of the Rector of the School of Hospitality and Tourism in Japan was a great success

At the invitation of Intrase Company and some partners of the School in Japan, from December 16 to 22, 2022, Associate Professor Tran Huu Tuan, Rector of the School of Hospitality and Tourism, visited and worked in Tokyo and Nagoya, Japan. Accompanying the Rector was Mr. Le Trung Lam, Chairman and Director of Intrase Hue Company.

The Rector worked with Self-Grow Corporation and Intrase Japan company (Intrase Hue company’s affiliate in Japan) about opportunities for students to join trainee/internship programs at the Corporation’s partners throughout Japan.

The Rector worked with Human to Human Corporation about opportunities for last-year students to join internship programs at restaurants and hotels in Japan

The Rector visited the printing firm of Aika Corporation in Nagoya

The purpose of the business trip was to visit, work, and find opportunities to bring to students of the School of Hospitality and Tourism. Students can participate in Internship programs (for final year students with a duration of 6-12 months); trainee programs (for students who have graduated with a period of 3-5 years) and full-time staff employed by partners in Japan in the School’s training fields. During his visit, the Rector also took the time to meet with some students working in Japan, learn about working conditions and student activities of the School who are following the internship programs at a number of places and businesses in Japan.

The Rector visited students working at a bakery shop and bakery chain store at Tokyo central train station

The Rector visited the place of residence and working place of the School’s former students who are working for Wex Corporation in Kanagawa

This trip helped the School understand more details about the needs of Japanese partners, and better understand the working and living conditions of students participating in internship programs in Japan. From there, students will be better prepared before participating in trainee/internship programs in Japan. From the results of this trip, the School hopes to send students to Japanese businesses in the near future.

Bryan Tran


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