School of Hospitality and Tourism- Hue University (HAT-HU) successfully conducting Focus Group on Sustainable Tourism


Photo 01: Assoc. Prof Tran Huu Tuan presenting TOURIST project

On 22nd June, a focus group named “Sustainability of cultural and beach/ leisure tourism” was conducted by the HAT-HU. This is one of the main actions in the framework of the ERAMUS+ project “Competences centers for the development of sustainable tourism and innovative financial management strategies to increase the positive impact of local tourism in Thailand and Vietnam – TOURIST“.TOURIST aims to promote sustainable tourism concepts and transfer knowledge on innovative financial management strategies to Higher Education Institutions in South East Asia to benefit from tourism in a sustainable way in the future.


Photo 02: The experts attending Focus Group (01)


Photo 03: The experts attending Focus Group (02)


Photo 04: Experts providing opinion

A group of top experts in tourism and related fields gathered and shared their own opinions as well as their perspectives about sustainable tourism. At the beginning, Assoc. Prof. TRAN Huu Tuan, the moderator- Dean of HAT- did present specifically TOURIST Project’s objectives, expected results and working plan. The researchers attending at this focus group gave their views, which involved competences centers and innovative financial management strategies to developing sustainable tourism in Vietnam. In addition, the others attendees, representatives from local tourism administration authority and tourism industry continued the meeting by providing their practical experiences and suggesting new ideas. The focus group ended up by crucial conclusions that opening creatively suggestive modern and structure.


Photo 05: Discussing time

This is a closer step aiming to enhance the university-business cooperation in the tourism industry to foster the concept of sustainable tourism, increase teaching quality and in the long-run to increase the employability of graduates due to an up-to-date education.


Photo 06: Assoc. Prof. Tran Huu Tuan,The moderator of Focus Group -Dean of HAT-HU, and expert attendees.



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